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In banking, we have to deal with risks Risk Analytics at Rabobank
Risk Analytics at Rabobank

“To manage the risks in our fast changing world, we need to have a clear image of reality.”
In banking, we have to deal with operational risks, credit risks and interest risks. For Rabobank, as a major international financial player, it is extremely important to know and foresee our risks - and the risks of our customers - in our fast changing world. We have millions of data files available that help us structure our business, motivate our decisions and be forward-looking. Effective risk management helps our customers deal with the risks they face, helps us comply with regulations, make the right decisions and keep the bank healthy. Therefore, our Data analysts, Risk managers and Quantitative analysts play an important role in our organisation. We do everything in our power to offer them the ultimate challenges and create an atmosphere in which they can flourish and grow.

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